CMRF Gerry
CMRF Kilometres for Kids Seattle Trail Walk: Monday July 19th, 2010

Well our final walk took place today and there was great excitement as our Crumlin Team headed off from the starting line. I was on the six mile water stop, it was a super sight to see old and young taking part and as each person signed in at the water stop they had a fantastic expression of contentment at having completed the challenge. Our weather today was cool which was a good start to the challenge.

Having returned to the finishing line at the hotel it was a wonderful sight to experience the great joy from all our Team as they walked, ran, and limped back. There were emotions of happiness and sadness as our challenge came to a close. Already our fundraisers are talking and looking forward to walking with us next year.

Many new friendships have been made on this event. Here’s looking forward to next year’s event. Well done Tom Hickey for planning and organising this event.

We are all looking forward to our next event and for me its Brazil in October so I look forward to telling you all about it soon! “Stay Tuned” Byeeee

CMRF Kilometres for Kids Seattle Trail Walk: Sunday July 18th, 2010

After a rest day on Saturday, Team Crumlin took up the challenge for our second last walk through Marymoor Park. The weather was a little cooler today and John Stone led the Challenge by coming in first followed by Pauline Cafolla and Brendan McGonagle in a close second.

Marymoor Park was a hive of active there was even open air mass going on in the park as our Team Crumlin walked.

All are looking forward to tomorrow’s walk and in many ways are sad as it is our last walk. Talking with all the walkers, they found the walking trails fantastic and very enjoyable.